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The cities of Bonito and Jardim in Mato Grosso do Sul have the clearest waters around the country with a huge variety of aquatic life and geographical features attracting divers, from beginners to the more experienced.

The first can wear a mask snorkel and finds, relax and let the current to do all the work, while the experience diver is taken through the hidden beauties of the region.

Experts in cave diving have nothing to complain about: Bonito and Jardim are home to unique and unforgettable underwater caves.

Anhumas Abyss - An underground lake with amazing crystal clear waters is 72 meters below the Earth’s surface. You rappel down to the floating deck through a cleft in the rocks. The most beautiful part of the lake is 15-25 meters deep, formed from a maze of huge underwater coners. This is one of the most extreme dives in the region. It takes about 45 minutes to return to the surface.

lagoa misteriosa 300x200 Anhuma Abyss and Mysterious Lagoon   Brazilian Diving Points

Mysterious Lagoon (Lagoa Misteriosa) - The hole forms a lake with crystal clear waters. For seventeen meters deep, there are two holes open, each ten meters wide and down vertically to over 240 meters. The water is so transparent that from thirty meters below the surface, the diver can look up and see the trees surround the lake. To get to the lagoon is necessary to make a trail of seventy meters long.

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