Arrangements for snorkeling

Free immersion

It is the purest form of apnea and the practice is to descend into the sea as much distance vertically as possible. In it, the diver uses fins but can fall and rise with the help of a cable. The record mode is the New Zealander William Trubridge who arrived in the 121 meters this year in the Bahamas.
Static apnea
The athlete is the maximum time possible without breath and without movingon the surface of a pool. The record holder for this category is French Stephane Mifsud, who was 11 minutes and 35 seconds in apnea.

dynamic apnea
A diver runs horizontally a greater distance in a pool. The Brazilian playerKarol Meyer holds the South American record in the two subdivisions of the category, with and without fins.

Constant ballast
The diver can choose a weight for the descent and must use the same weight on the climb. You can use the cable as a reference, but can not drivethrough it. The record is the South American champion Carol Schrappe,modalities with and without fins.

Variable ballast
Ballast is used only during the descent. Upon reaching the maximum supported depth, the diver leaves the ballast and start the ascent propulsionusing fins or by cable.

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