Bonito’s ecotourism attractive is illustrated on Bing’s front cover

Internet users who acess web search Bing can view, since yesterday (13th), one of most natural wonders of Bonito, located in the brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul: a panoramic photo of Abismo Anhumas (Abyss Anhumas), taken by Márcio Cabral.

The attraction is a cave where the access is only possible by a gap that exists in the rock through vertical rappelling techniques. They are 72 meters of vertical descent, until the deck on the lake with crystal clear water, which is 80 meters deep.

In his social network page, Márcio talked about the publication.

“My image of the Abyss 360 Anhumas appears printed on the cover of Bing. It’s a pleasure to spread the beauties of Brazil [and Bonito] for millions of people around the world”.

In March 2013, another image of Márcio was also featured on Bing. This time, Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lagoon), located in Jardim (MS), has been viewed by thousands of users of the search engine.

Rapel and training

Visitation of Abyss Anhumas consists of a sequence of steps for completion of the adventure in total safety.

The day before visitation, there is a specific training by staff. That way, everyone can learn techniques of descent and ascent and safety procedures that involve the trip.

Tour requires small groups, with determined departure times. The maximum limit of visitors per day are 18 people.

After the rappel, monitors expect the “adventurers” in the floating deck. There is an inflatable boat (in Canadian style) to take a tour around the lake, where all the information regarding about the cave, limestone and water are passed by monitor.


Snorkeling is guided by another monitor awaiting on floating deck. It will all the information about the cones and limestones on aquatic life in the lake Anhumas Abyss.

Practice of scuba diving is allowed only for divers who are certified with Basic Course Diving (Open Water), and a maximum of four dives per day. It’s important to bring ID and show it in training.

Support of the practice is offered by the attractive, divers certified with Dive Master. The dip should be scheduled apart from abseiling.

To get further information about the appeal, please visit

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