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Brazil’s Sancho Bay is considered one of the best beaches in the world

The Traveller’s Choice Award for 2016 by TripAdvisor named Sancho Bay in Brazil the second best beach in the entire world. Grace Bay in Turks and Caico won the first… Read more »

Diving at the Islands of the São Paulo Coastline

Queimada Grande Island, the Laje de Santos State Park, the Calhaus and Montão do Trigo Islands, provide a vast array of dives: shipwrecks, cliff faces, tunnels and beautiful rock formations…. Read more »

Porto de Galinhas is an incredible place to dive

Located just 70 kilometers from Recife (Pernambuco’s capital), Porto de Galinhas offers an incredible series of beaches with warm crystal clear waters that are among the most beautiful in Brazil…. Read more »

Diving at Cabo Frio

Overshadowed by the glamour of Búzios and the fame of Arraial do Cabo as a diving destination, Cabo Frio has gone almost unnoticed by Brazilian divers. But one just need… Read more »

Scuba Diving at Brasil

Scuba diving enthusiasts travel the world in search of the perfect dive spots. However, this sport is also popular amongst less frequent divers that find solace in the beauty and… Read more »

Which states in Brazil offer scuba diving?

Brazil has 26 states, of these only 12 have coastile, extending for more than 8,000 kilometers. Many of the locations are difficult to reach and akin to an expedition. The… Read more »

Mysterious Lagoon reopens its 2013 snorkeling and diving activities

Who is scheduled to travel to Bonito and region, in the brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, there is a must-do tip that has to be included in tourism… Read more »

Adventure activities in Brazil

Source: http://brazilnature.travel/ Brazil: a land of nature and adventure! Meet some of the ecotourism and adventure activities offered in Brazil: Birdwatching With almost 1800 species of catalogued birds, Brazil is… Read more »

Dive in a sensational country: Brazil!

From the Abrolhos achipelago with its wonderful reefs to the crystal-clear waters of Fernando de Noronha, passing through the shipwrecks in Recife, Brazil has diving destinations to please the most… Read more »

About Brazil

Source: Embratur – Visit Brasil Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, spreading across almost half of the continent. It is the fifth largest country in the world after… Read more »


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