Documentary about freediving is released

The documentary “On a Long Breath”, starring world champion freediver Pierre Frolla, was released earlier this month. The film was produced by Vision Films and shows the experience of diving… Read more »

Diving instructor finds a humpback whale in Ubatuba

Diving instructor Emerson Figueredo saw a humpback whale in Ubatuba, São Paulo, last week. The whale was close to his boat, and reached for it. The instructor videotaped the animal… Read more »

Cliff Diving: Gary Hunt wins in Copenhagen

The winner of 2015 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, Gary Hunt, won in Copenhagen, Denmark. After a Diving from the 28m platform on the roof of the Copenhagen Opera… Read more »

Global Vision offers educational underwater journeys

The social enterprise Global Vision International and volunteer travel specialists honor the World Oceans Day offering a series of marine conservation projects to people interested in gaining knowledge and promoting… Read more »

Lagoa Misteriosa is mentioned in a tourism website

The Lagoa Misteriosa, attraction located in Jardim (MS), was highlighted in three websites the past weeks: Viagem em Pauta, Catraca Livre and MSN. The article written by the journalist Eduardo… Read more »

Mysterious Lagoon is mentioned in a trip itinerary to MS

The website Guia Viajar Melhor published a text in which lists the 10 reasons to include Bonito (MS) in your next itinerary. The Mysterious Lagoon, attraction located in Jardim (MS),… Read more »

Diving in Iceland

One of the top sites for diving in the world, the Silfra fissure is the only place that allows a person to dive or snorkel directly in the crack between… Read more »

Politician wants to build the first underwater dive park in North Carolina

Deputy State Archaeologist Billy Ray Morris wants to build the first dive park in North Carolina, United States. Morris, who has worked on underwater dive parks in both Bermuda and… Read more »

Brazil’s Sancho Bay is considered one of the best beaches in the world

The Traveller’s Choice Award for 2016 by TripAdvisor named Sancho Bay in Brazil the second best beach in the entire world. Grace Bay in Turks and Caico won the first… Read more »

Divers from Italy break the record for longest human chain underwater

Recently, scuba divers from the agency Raid Italia, in Italy, broke the record for the “Longest Human Chain Underwater”. The previous record was achieved by a group of 110 people… Read more »

Check these important tips about how to store your diving suit

The crystal clear waters of Bonito and Jardim rivers, in Mato Grosso do Sul, receive thousands of tourists throughout the year, eager to practice one of the activities that amazes,… Read more »

Diving in the Mysterious Lagoon is highlighted in Azul Magazine

The Azul Magazine featured a special piece on the “Powerful Waters” of Bonito and Jardim. Written by the journalist Luiza Vieira and illustrated by the photographers Tom Alves and Adriano… Read more »

Titanic: Company makes tourism expeditions to the shipwreck for US$ 60.000

Since James Cameron Blockbuster in 1997, Titanic regained its worldwide fame. Currently only one company makes tourism expeditions to its wreck. Its start point is at Canada and it lasts 12 days…. Read more »

Fernando de Noronha wins the award Traveller’s Choice Islands 2015

Fernando de Noronha wins the award Traveller’s Choice Islands 2015

Trip Advisor gave Fernando de Noronha the title of Best Island in South America and the tenth best in the world. The award Traveller’s Choice Islands 2015, promoted by the website Trip… Read more »

Interesting places to scuba dive around the world

Scuba divers know that scuba diving is really pleasant and that the richness of species observed makes the activity even better. Factores as the transparency and the temperature of the water are… Read more »

The beauty of coral reefs

Recently the website MSN Viagens highlighted the biological richness of coral reefs. As reefs are considered na ecosystem itself due to the great interaction between organisms, scuba diving next to it is… Read more »

New wetsuits protect surfers from sharks

Australian Researchers from the University of Western Australias Ocean Institute and Mitigation Systems for Sharks Attack (SAMS) designed two new wetsuits to protect surfers from shark attacks, which took two… Read more »

Most common mistakes in Scuba Diving

The 208 edition of brazilian Magazine Mergulho brings important tips about the most common mistakes made by those who are begining to practice scuba diving. They are: – Do not… Read more »

Diving attracts foreign tourists to Brazil; know the destinations

Diving is one of the most popular activities for tourists traveling to Brazil in search of adventure. Popular destinations are Fernando de Noronha (PE), Paraty (RJ), Ilhabela (RJ) , Bombs… Read more »

Lagoa Misteriosa is the setting for a engagement; know the story

Lagoa Misteriosa is the setting for a engagement; know the story

Within this concept, Logoa Misteriosa, a tourist attraction located in Jardim, in Mato Grosso do Sul, was the setting for the rings exchange on 6th August. The couple Zampier Dalla… Read more »

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