Free diving with Dolphins

Free diving with Dolphins

With mask, fins and sometimes boards pulled by boats, you can dive in Noronha without cylinder, accompanying marine life.

Options of diving in Noronha

With a visibility of up to 50 meters, the seabed de Noronha allows dives are conducted throughout the year.

Atlantis Divers: best option for baptism diving and technical diving

The largest dive shop in the country has first and last name, operates in four major and three oceanic islands where it offers various options for road and infrastructure for both professional and amateur divers.

Scuba equipment deserves attention

Scuba diving in pools, rivers and sea may damage the scuba equipment if you do not follow proper maintenance producers. Scuba equipments are also very expensive and hard to buy,… Read more »

BEX Exchange offers English language courses with DIP

The BEX Exchange launches a program that unites the English course with diving classes in Australia, in the city of Cairns, north of Sydney, where is the Great Barrier Reef…. Read more »

Bonito MS is among the best diving spots in Brazil

Bonito MS is among the best diving spots in Brazil

It was published on Sport  Life, online page dedicated to sports and outdoor activities placed on Terra, a story about the best diving spots in Brazil. Among the various destinations,… Read more »

Islands of the São Paulo Coastline

Queimada Grande Island, the Calhaus and Montão do Trigo Islands, the Laje de Santos State Park provide a vast array of dives: cliff faces, tunnels, shipwrecks and beautiful rocks formations…. Read more »

Cave Diving Brazil

Cave Diving Brazil

Cave diving is a type of technical diving in which specialized SCUBA equipment is used to enable the exploration of natural or artificial caves which are at least partially filled… Read more »

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bonito

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bonito

Nature-lovers and adventure-seekers should definitely visit Mato Grosso do Sul. The State is part savannah (“cerrado”) and part wetland – the Pantanal. It is a paradise for eco-tourism and adventure… Read more »

Diving in Abrolhos with Freeway Tour Operator

Freeway Diving, diving operator, a division of the Freeway Ecotourism Operator, launched in July-2010 the  Abrolhos Live Aboard itinerary. Located in the middle of the Atlantic coast in the south… Read more »

Diving operator receives a certificate of safety management

The scuba center Atlantis Divers in Fernando de Noronha (PE) received in September-2010 the Certification of Safety Management for Adventure Tourism, thus certifying that the technical standard ABNT 15331 is… Read more »

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