Cave and Cavern Dive: what’s the difference?

Abismo Anhumas 199x300 Cave and Cavern Dive: whats the difference?

Anhumas Abyss - Bonito - MS - Brazil


Many do not know, but there is difference between the words cavern and cave dive for practitioners, professionals, specialists and teachers in the area. It is essential to know this difference because it will affect on the practice sence and, especially, in its risk.

Cavern Dive is in the area near the entrance of a cave, cavern or grotto, which always has daylight. Even if operators throughout Brazil and the world offer the Cave Tour (guided dive, which there is no need for previous training), there are specific courses of this type of diving, appropriate techniques to improve the experience.

Nevertheless, there is no natural light in the Cave Dive. Greater risks are presented in this technical diving, which can be within totally or partially submerged caves.

Rigorous training is required, in particular buoyancy and navigation to control and direct oneself along the way, avoiding hitting in obstacles as roofs, stones, rocks and tight places. The equipment must be specific: cutting tools, arrows and torches are used. Here, safety is the key.

Both, if performed correctly, provide fully rewarding adventure for those who like to have adrenaline when exploring new (and different) places.

Source: No. 190 Mergulho Magazine

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