Check these important tips about how to store your diving suit

roupa de mergulho 224x300 Check these important tips about how to store your diving suitThe crystal clear waters of Bonito and Jardim rivers, in Mato Grosso do Sul, receive thousands of tourists throughout the year, eager to practice one of the activities that amazes, not only for the transparency of the waters but also for the observation of the subquatic fauna and flora. We are talking about scuba diving.

Most of the attractions that offer the activity in the region provide the rent of the neoprene suit with the purchase of the ride. Many visitors bring their own suit. But before purchasing the diving suits it is necessary to keep an eye on some issues.

We talked to two professionals in the area, the diving instructor Rudimar Guerini, from Caiman Scuba Dive, located in Bonito, and Bernardo R. Cruz, Marketing Director for Fun Dive, a company specialized in diving equipment.

Both of them revealed some issues, such as, how to choose the right suit; how to store the diving suit; necessary care; amongst other concerns.

Check it out:

What to observe when purchasing the diving suit for the first time?

Bernardo Cruz: The first that should be taken under consideration when you are purchasing a suit is which type of diving you intend to perform and the medium water temperature in the places you dive, because the suits have different thickness, in millimeters. After this first stage you will have a variety of options related to the quality and benefits, which will also depend on how involved in the activity you are to know how much money you will spend.

Rudimar Guerini: The neoprene suit works as a thermal insulation, therefore it has to be as a second skin, tight to the body so that the water enters and remains still, creating a layer of warm water inside.

What’s the durability of the diving suit?

Bernardo Cruz: It depends on the quality of the product chosen versus the quantity of dives you perform. But a diving suit should last at least one year when it’s worn frequently. Following all the use and conservation recommendations a good suit can last for 5 years. Check if the product you are about to purchase has a use and conservation manual (mandatory in our legislation).

Rudimar Guerini: Over 3 years, depending on how much you wear.

How must the diving suit be stored?

Bernardo Cruz: It is important to wash it with fresh water after its use. The best option is to soak it for a few hours so that the salt can go away and afterwards hanging the suit in an adequate hanger for neoprene suits. Remind yourself to never let it dry in the sun and store the suit only after it is completely dry.

Rudimar Guerini: The suit must be stored away from the sun, in an open place and in a hanger.

What are the necessary cautions that should be taken under consideration for a good conservation of the diving suit?

Bernardo Cruz: You should be careful not to wear the suit with rings, earrings, and other objects that can harm the suit and not to scratch the suit in rocks and other surfaces.

Putting a plastic bag around your hands and feet can help to put the tight and not so flexible suit in the most practical way.

Rudimar Guerini: Not to expose it to the sun as much when it’s not being worn. When you wear the suit in the sea you must wash it with fresh water and use neutral soap.

“It is ideal to wear a rented suit first and ask a diving professional for guidance. By doing this, the cost and benefit will be worth it!”, completes the diving instructor, Rudimar Guerini.

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