Diver take a ride on the world’s largest fish

During a scuba dive in the Portuguese island of Açores, in the Atlantic sea, the German Martin Wilke did not believe when he came across a whale shark 10 meters.

As if wanting to get some rest, Wilke piggybacked with the animal to cling to its fin.

The surreal moment was captured by the Portuguese photographer Nuno Sá, an expert on marine life, which has also faced the giant ocean sometimes.

When I jumped in the water, a fishing boat was beside me in search of tuna. When I put my head in the water, I saw thousands of tunas passing quickly in front of me and suddenly saw a whale shark 10 meters in among them“, said the German.

At the beginning, all the action and speed seemed chaotic. But once I dove to approach the whale shark, chaos gave way to silence and harmony“.

The giant moved slowly and came towards me – and stood watching me less than two meters“, he said.


The photographer, who was accompanied by marine life expert Paulo Reis, tracked the whale shark following the tuna fishery. Already fishermen seek the trail of diving birds called fool-large, who follow the whale sharks and tunas for hours.

According to experts, it is not clear what advantages obtained either by the whale shark as the tuna swim by side by side.

But, it is believed, the rapidity of tuna helps catch small fish, which are grouped in circular shape when threatened, while the whale shark provides protection to fish.

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