Diving at Guarapari

Garapari is a city at the state of Espirito Santo and concentrates the State’s prime diving sites. No wonder. Nutrients brought by the upwelling boost marine diversity and create ideal conditions for the proliferation of corals, sponges and tropical fish.

Not to mention its visibility of at leats 12 meters. The city is also known as Cidade Saúde, or ‘’Health-ville”, owing to the medicinal properties of its monazite sands. Guarapari is one of the most sought-after resorts on the coast of Espirito Santo.

In the summer months its population mushrooms from 70.000 people to 700.000. Tourists throng sidewalks seeking fresh sea air, rivers, waterfalls, and the beautiful bays and coves of this coastline, so close to the Serra do Mar mountain range. And then, of course, there are its infinite undersea beauties.

Source: Brazil Diving Guide

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