Diving at Ilhabela

Ilhabela is strategically located between the two largest cities in Brazil (250 km from São Paulo and 350 km from Rio de Janeiro). It is the right destination for divers on the São Paulo coast. If you like to party with beautiful people, plan your visit in July when the town hosts the International Sailing Week. The island is covered with Atlantic Forest and has more than 30 waterfalls. There are dives for all tastes, from snorkeling to technical, including famous shipwrecks such as Aymoré and the Velasquez.

One of the largest, if not the largest, concentration of shipwrecks in Brazil is located to the south and east of the island. Ironically, the sea in Ilhabela is calm most of the time. More than one hundred ships are believed to lie at the bottom of the blue Atlantic. Ships from centuries past, sailboats, fishing boats, all types of vessels have transformed Ilhabela into the largest graveyard in Brazil.

The island is also shrouded in legend. During the sixteenth century, English pirates used to sail around Ilhabela where are said to have hid treasures pillaged from Spanish galleons loaded with gold.

The most famous lost treasure story in Ilhabela involves the pirate Cavendish, who supposedly buried a large amount of gold in Saco Sombrio. If this is true, hurry up! The treasure is still there. Welcome to the shipwreck Heaven! The diving Island.

Source: Brazil Diving Guide

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