Diving at Paraiba

Small and relatively inexplored, the Paraiba coastline is a grat destination for diving. The state capital, João Pessoa, is less well known that its trendy sister cities of the northeast: Natal and Recife. But it does not leave anything to be desired. On the contrary. Midway between its famous neighbors, roughly an hour by car from each one, João Pessoa is the point of derparture for the major diving spots of the region: beautiful reefs and must-see shipwrecks. João Pessoa really has many beautiful surprises.

Few people know that João Pessoa is Brazil’s leafiest capital city. It is also the safest of the Northcoast and the only one where there are no skyscrapers on the coastal avenues – a strict municipal code limits the height of building to three floors. And there’s more: the first sunrays of the Americas fall here, since the city lies at the eastern most point of the continent, Ponta dos Seixas – which means visitors have to get up early. Not a problem.

There is much to see and enjoy on the Paraíba coast: urban or deserted beaches, with powder white sand and coconut palms and cliffs of unique beauty, restaurants with excellent traditional cuisine, a wealth of handicrafts and historic attractions. That is, if one doesn’t spend every waking minute underwater.

source: Brazil Diving Guide

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