Diving in Calhaus

The Calhaus is a rock formation 22 miles away from the city of Santos, in Sao Paulo. The maximum depth a diver can reach is 40 meters with excellent visibility of a rich marine life, such as sharks and manta rays.

There are three diving points in the area. Check out more about them:

Parcel do Sul – Huge submerged boulders make dens and chambers. The stones descend from just below the surface all the way to the seabed. Like all these islands, diving is advisable only when sea is calm or for experienced divers. For advanced divers

Calhaus Tunnel – This tunnel stretches toward the center of the Calhaus from the leeward side, through a small canyon on the right. The bottom of the tunnel slopes upward to around three meters below the surface, where the diver must grasp the rocks and wait for the waves to pass. Go with the backwash to a cleft that falls to 12 meters, inside the tunnel and free from the action of the waves. To leave the tunnel, turn right along the inner wall of the Calhaus. For basic divers

Ponta Norte – Great for watching schools of ocean-going fish, and sometimes also large pelagic fish. In good conditions divers can swim along the windward side of Calhaus to find small rocks that hide lobsters, various species of tropical fish and schools of blue runner.

Info: Brazil Diving Guide

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