Diving in the Mysterious Lagoon is highlighted in Azul Magazine

mergulho com cilindro lagoa 300x162 Diving in the Mysterious Lagoon is highlighted in Azul MagazineThe Azul Magazine featured a special piece on the “Powerful Waters” of Bonito and Jardim. Written by the journalist Luiza Vieira and illustrated by the photographers Tom Alves and Adriano Fagundes , the piece shows the Mysterious Lagoon as a paradise for the scuba divers.

“The list of amazingly clear waters goes beyond. Amongst the Top 5 is the Mysterious Lagoon, a paradise for the scuba divers. Beginners can use the diving masks and snorkels or the baptism, which allows you to dive until 8 meters. Certified divers are the only people who can go beyond, although none of them has ever reached the bottom of the cave – the maximum depth ever reached was 240 meters”, says the article.

The scuba diving includes these categories: baptism (8 meters), basic (18 meters), advanced (25 meters) and nitrox diver (30 meters). All of the categories, except for baptism, demand a diving certification.

Diving in the clear waters of the Mysterious Lagoon lasts 30 to 40 minutes, a period the visitor can observe the two blue abyss that surround the small fish and the golden leaves that float in unimaginably beautiful waters.

After the diving, the visitor walks the interpretive trail to the reception. Finally, nothing’s better than a delicious lunch at the main house of Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata to finish this unforgettable and unique tour.
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