Diving points in Paraty (RJ)

Are you a diving fan? If you are going to Brazil, more exactly in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Paraty city you can find practice diving sites. The city has calm, warm and sheltered waters and the abstence of strong currents at most sites have made Paraty into a paradise for check-out and discovery scuba dives.

We selected 5 sites reccomended by Brazil Diving Guide. Check it out.

Ilha dos Ganchos (maximum depth: 11 meters) – Located right on the edge of Paraty Bay, this island is often used for ocean check-out and night dives. Colorful sea urchins and sea cucumbers are easy to spot. The rocks next to the island provide shelter to tropical fish, octopuses and moray eels.

Ilha Comprida (maximum depth: 11 meters) – The first entry in the logbooks of many divers. On the island’s slope, rock s provide shelter for sea bass, groupers, batfish and sergeant majors that deposit their reddish eggs on the smooth walls of the rocks.

Ilha dos Ratos (maximum depth: 11 meters) – A favorite site ofr night dives. Manta rays and larga schools of migratory fish have been spotted. Juvenile French angelfish, mottled groupers and small groupers are frequently spotted, along with small red cnidarians, sponges and black sea squirts.

Ilha dos Meros (maximum depth: 21 meters) - The best dive sites in Paraty are found near this island. At its southern tip, large granite boulders form burrows and passages on the bottom. At the center of the island, rocks form tunnels covered in coral. A reef of over 300 meters and large burrows can be found on the nothern tip. Large schools of open-water fish frequent the area.

Ilhote dos Meros (maximum depth: 22 meters) – One of the most beautiful islands. It can be encircled in a single dive when the sea is calm. Butterfly rays rest on the sandy sea floor. Granite boulders form large burrows where schools of doctor fish, red wrasse and parrotfish swim about. Lobsters and slipper lobsters are also to be found.

Source: Brazil Diving Guide

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