FAQ – Can I dive after drinking?

One of the most frequently asked questions by beginners in recreational diving is if there is any damage to health when diving after have drinking a beer or any other alcoholic beverage?

DAN Brazil doctors answered this question. Check it out:

Q: What can happen if I take alcoholic beverage before diving time?

A: In a direct way, alcohol and diving are not compatible. Alcohol causes depression in the central nervous system, which impairs judgment and reduces the reaction time and coordination. Often the individual is unaware of the degree of impairment.

In more than 15 studies on the effects of alcohol on diver’s performance, it has been found that the substance was involved in at least 50% of all crashes. Deeply, 80% of all drownings in adult males are associated with alcohol.

It takes time for alcohol is metabolized and its effects disappear. A survey discovered that the impact of alcohol consumption on the performance of an experienced diver is committed to only a 0,04% concentration of the substance in the blood, which means two cans of beer, consumed by a person of 90 kilograms in the period one hour on an empty stomach.

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