First ship sinking as an underwater museum is planned for August

The first sinking of the four ships from the Portuguese Navy that will integrate the underwater park for scuba in the coast of Portimão (Portugal), will be made in August, after the decontamination site completion.

“The work of removing harmful materials into the environment is almost completed, followed by technical inspections to be sunk”, confirms Luis Sá Couto, president of Submar association and director project.

The Oliveira e Carmo corvette, who for 40 years served the Portuguese Navy, will be the first ship to be sunk underwater in Ocean Revival Park, diving attraction about 5,5 km off the coast of Portimão.

After, the Zambezi patrol ship will be the next, elapsing since the work of removal of materials containing contaminants and substances considered harmful to the environment.

Then the Almeida Carvalho oceanographic ship and the Hermenegildo Capelo frigate will join to the group, all disabled by the Portuguese Navy and assigned to the Portimão, with zero cost.

“It is a complex and lengthy process,” said Luís Sá Couto, noting that “the first vessel were removed about 300 tons of contaminating materials, over five months of work. At the end, there will remain only the materials that pose no danger and that they can tell the stories of ships,” said the president.

The vessels will be sunk about 30 meters deep off the coast of Alvor, for not causing any hindrance to the waterway. The director claims that the project will allow to Algarve as an international circuit for scuba diving due to climate and abundance of marine flora and fauna species.


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