Four divers die when submerging in the Blood Cave, southern Italy

Four divers, consisting of three men and a woman, drowned when they became trapped inside an underwater cave known as “Blood Cave” at Palinuro Coast, in the province of Salerno, southern Italy - one of the most beautiful in the country. The accident occurred on Saturday, 30th June.

According to investigations, the passage of the divers had dispersed a cloud of sand or mud, which would have made the water turbid and prevented them to see where were the other divers as well as the exit route.

High risk

The “Blood Cave”, where the accident occurred, is semi-submerged and has its name from the red color of the inner walls which is reflected in the sea. The underwater cave is part of caves complex in Palinuro Coast.

Located in the Natural Park of Cilento, is a limestone promontory which goes by the sea in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. At some points, reach 200 feet high and into the sea up to 50 feet deep.

The kind of consistency favored the formation of limestone rock and erosion, resulting in 35 underwater caves, which are considered one of the main sights of the sea caving in Europe. The most visited cave complex is the “Blue Grotto“, 85 meters long and 90 wide.

According to experts, the caves of Palinuro Coast area are very difficult for divers and dips can be extremely dangerous.

The difficulties are due to the journey itself, consisting of long tracksfull of curves and dead ends. In addition, there are fumes of hydrogen sulfide, a highly toxic gas that can cause death if inhaled. Generally, recklessness or little knowledge of the place leads to fatalities.

With information from BBC Brazil

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