Freediving or apnea, is the sport of breath hold diving where a diver descends on a single breath of air. People have freedived for a long time, for food, for exploration and more recently for sport. Many divers or swimmers will have practiced freediving at some point, every time you hold your breath and swim underwater you are freediving.

There are many different reasons to learn to freedive. For some it is a way to explore the ocean unencumbered by bulky scuba gear, some people freedive to spear fish or get involved in underwater photography. The area that gains a lot of attention is competitive apnea where competitors attempt to attain great depths, distances or time underwater.

Many people also compare freediving to learning a martial art. It promotes greater physical and mental awareness and control. For this reason it can be useful for scuba divers to gain confidence and increase air consumption, surfers rolling beneath the waves, singers needing tips on breathing techniques and dealing with stage fright and swimmers needing greater breath control.

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