Freeway Ecotourismo offers promotional package to Bonito (MS)

The Brazilian agency Freeway Ecotourismo offers a promotional package to Bonito (MS), between months of March to June 2013.

Bonito, a small town located in the regio of Serra da Bodoquena, is at the center of the “Midwest Caribbean” due to the amazing blue color of its rivers and springs.

Because of the immense amount of lime in the soil, water passes throught a natural filtration and impurities settle to the bottom of the rivers, lakes and lagoons. The result is an absolute transparency, which provides an amazing practice for snorkeling nad scuba diving.

The region is rich in caves and waterfalls and offers numerous attractions for travelers of all tastes and ages. Among the amazing attractions, there are:

Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave): greenish limestone formation that houses a blue lake 100 meters below ground.

Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata (da Prata River): snorkeling between rivers Olho D’água and da Prata, which provides an extraordinary diving in crystal clear waters and plenty of fish.

Rio Formoso (Formoso River): boat ride brings a touch of adventure travel and is an opportunity to enjoy the greenery and wildlife on the river, an appointment with monkeys, toucans and macaws.


Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Date: between months of March to June
Price: about R $ 2146 + shipping rates

For further information, please contact Freeway Ecotourismo by

With information provided by Freeway Ecotourismo

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