Google Street View maps Galapagos Islands and its biodiversity

Google team went to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, in order to capture images of local biodiversity and put the Street View service.

Giant turtles, hammerhead sharks, multicolored birds and the rugged terrain of the islands can be viewed by everyone from anywhere in the world, from computers, tablets or smartphones.

Climbers carrying backpacks with photographic equipment and divers with underwater cameras that captured images in 360°, could be seen throughout the region.

At this time, according to news agency Associated Press, Google processes and edit the images to put them in Street View this year.

According to the text, scientists are collaborating with the company in search of new species, in order to update the images from the service every year.

We hope that all children in schools in the world can see these pictures and try to describe what’s in them, even small creatures like insects“, said Daniel Orellana, a researcher at the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Orellana and other scientists supervised the explorers in isolated areas where access is prohibited to tourists and rarely have granted permission for visitation. Islands region that customarily receive visitors were also monitored, with the aim of analyzing the human impact on the environment.

In 2011, Google teams were also in the Brazilian Amazon, in order to register the local biodiversity. Excerpts from the Black River and nearby communities in the state of Amazonas, were photographed for Street View service. Images of Rio Negro were caught by boats attached to a tricycle with cameras.

This vehicle also was used on land to map communities in the region, instead of the car that usually makes the photographs in the cities, but could not move through the forest.

Source: Mergulho Scuba

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