Group of whales is sighted by divers in Florianópolis island

Groups of divers who passed through region of Ilha do Arvoredo, in Florianópolis (SC), had the opportunity to see whales swimming in the ocean.

Photographer Cybele Sanches and biology student Vanuza Borges witnessed the performance of animals in last April 2013.

Cybele, who works for a company specializing in scuba diving, says it is common to see the animals in region during winter time, but not so soon as April. They were among Calhau de São Pedro and Baía de Bombinhas.

The last four were in pairs, probably mother and sun, but we can not know for sure“, she explains.

According to Cybele, “these whales are common to be sighted during winter, but this amount was unprecedented sighting, to delight of those on board Luna II ship“.

Animals were sighted in morning and afternoon. Vanuza explains that the first observation occurred Saturday morning when a group of divers followed towards the Ilha do Arvoredo.

On occasion, a whale was sighted. On ride return, the same people could observe six other whales.

Cybele said that along with whales were observed shoals of small fish. For this reason, it is believed that animals were a group food hunting.

It was so awesome, everything else that was seen in the dive was forgotten‘”, recalls Cybele.

Vanuza Borges is also a photographer and you can watch the whales twice in the same weekend. Besides Saturday, she said that the animals were spotted Sunday, but in smaller quantities.

“[One day] they were closer to the boat and we saw one that was wrapped in a fisherman’s net“, concludes the biology student seeking to confirm the species of animals.

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