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In the latest issue of the Brazilian magazine Mergulho (diver) the cameraman Cristian Dimitrius gives some helpful tips from compact cameras, and cheaper, and for professionals who want to shoot underwater. ”How to choose your equipment videosub” features compact cameras that record video to the professionals, depending on how you can invest and technical quality you expect at the end. Get to the point!

Cameras like the Canon S95 works well for those who just want to record the swim and then share with friends, they have videos to HD quality and are sealed for the specific model.

If the goal is to make a video with superior quality, you’ll need a camera with white balance, manual focus and iris, using filters, handycams are a good thing. In all cases, be sure to buy a waterproof equivalent to the model chosen, as not all boxes have, this is as true for compact and for the pro.

Sony models are more popular and have more choices of housings. There are still mechanical boxes like Gates , electronic ones like Croma, Amphibico, Light and Motion. The latter produces several models and all are compatible with the Sony HDR-XR550.

The mechanical boxes tend to be more robust and durable, but may restrict access to certain features of the camera, and they have more points of flooding. Since the electronics are more sensitive, but in compensation have fewer points of flooding and more options to access the camera controls.

Canon Vixia HF-G10 very soon will have a box of Gates. For those looking to enter the professional market, and need a system that offers many features and a lower compression ratio, the Sony PMW-EX1 and Panasonic HVX200 offer excellent HD picture quality and storage card memory. With the Sony FX7 and V1U, you shoot in miniDV is watertight and the Amphibico. Such a system not for less than $ 10 000.

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