Interesting places to scuba dive around the world

Scuba divers know that scuba diving is really pleasant and that the richness of species observed makes the activity even better. Factores as the transparency and the temperature of the water are also important to make it even funnier. Besides from contemplation diving, some divers like to participate in marine investigations in sunken vessels and at some places on earth you can even find groundwater cities.

This text tries to highlight places where scuba diving is even more interesting due to the presence of objects, statues and sunken vassels.

At Egypt, the Heracleion city worked as a port, but due to acts of nature it ended up being sunken, wich might happen to some islands if the sea level rises. Scuba diving at a groudwater city is really funny since it is possible to find many ancient egipicien objects as golden coins, statues and ceramics. Surrounded by myths Heracleion was discovered 2000 years ago by a European Institute of Underwater Archaeology team.

In Italy it is possible to find a ship that sank around the region of Ponza and it became an impressive place to scuba dive. The region has beautiful marine organisms and scuba diving there allows the observation of a war ship and some weapons used in the conflict.

In Canada it is possible to find a ship that sank over a 100 years ago. The sweepstakes is in the bottom of Ontário Lake and is a great reason to go scuba diving at Fathom Five National Marine Park. It is believed to be the most conserved sunken vessel in the world.

In China, the Lion city ended up submerged due to the construction a hydropower nearby. You can observate houses, temples, palaces and imperial tombs besides from lions statues, wich gave the city it’s name. Today it is a place that arouses curiosity from scuba divers.

A turkish plane, the Douglas DC-3 was sunk with the intention of becoming a artificial reef and rise the diversity of marine organisms at the region. The plane was used to transport loads and people during the second world war.

The brazillian Corveta Ipiranga V17, fabricated at Netherlands, was a part of the national army. It shocked itself to a rock near Fernando de Noronha and ended up sinking. Today it is possible to watch the structure of the plane and some objects that stayed there.

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