Jardim is not beautiful, is wonderful!

Jardim, a city close to Bonito, is full of rivers, waterfalls, caves, trail, a large variety of animals and the best: scuba diving! According to Brazilian Magazine Mergulho, the city is an option for those who have a small number of days for relaxing and do not want to spend so much money.

The best option is getting a car at Campo Grande and, from the capital, travel to Jardim by car. Only the route is a great attraction, because during the travel, you can see many animals, especially birds. For the photographers, it is amazing! However, the driver must be careful, mainly at night, because the animals can cross the road.

Arriving at Jardim, the main attractions are Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata, Buraco das Araras and Balneario Municipal. You can visit all these places in a few days.

The main attractions of the region is snorkeling, which is a perfect experience! The snorkeling at Olho D’água river is one of the most beautiful of the area. The water is transparent and, for this reason, you can see a large variety of fish and aquatic vegetation.

For those who are used to practicing scuba diving in the sea, the diving in fresh water is an unknown experience, which fascinates the divers for the new scenery and the new species of fishes.

Lagoa Misteriosa
is a unique experience. It is really difficult to describe what is seen during the scuba diving at Lagoa Misteriosa. The clear water and the incidence of sunbeams cannot be explained.
For more information about the attractions of Jardim, visit: www.bonitoweb.com.br
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