Karol Meyer is interviewed in a Brazilian TV show

Aired on last Wednesday (20), in a Brazilian TV program, an interview with Karol Meyer, the world record Brazilian in area. In the beginning, the presenter Danilo Gentili won a life book of the athlete and made a series of questions relating to her profession.

With 43 years, Karol has 14 years training and specializing in the category of apnea (not breathing air in underwater). “I’ve always been passionate about the sea, my whole life”, admitted the champion. She is the first diver to go no the shipwreck Corveta Ipiranga and descend into the abyss of “Paredes” (“Walls”), both in Fernando de Noronha, in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco.

In 2009, she beat the world record with 18min32s underwater. “Guinness World Records allows ventilation with pure oxygen before performing the apnea. This is all or nothing – with your maximum oxygen capacity”. Her greatest depth of 121m was achieved in Bonaire, Caribbean, in 2010. The Brazilian is considered, for all her achievements, the woman with more world recordseight only in their sport.

When asked about the lack of oxygen for vital functions such as the brain, she denied. “There is no lack. Our body has defense mechanisms when you get the best of your performance. But training allows us to actually do it. It is gradual and you can never do it alone, in or outside any kind of water”, she said.

Karol have lost three professional fellows in the sport during her career. “Just being alone in water is a risk”. Beyond that, the danger has also another merit, “because there is no proven study and there is a high rate of CO2 in the body,” she confirmed. The athlete of this extreme sport said “it is always important to respect the safety rules as well as his own body.”

Check out the full interview at the link

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