Lagoa Misteriosa celebrates its anniversary of unique experiences

In August 2013, Lagoa Misteriosa celebrates two years of its activities return. During this period, the attraction received very different tourist profiles: from people who can not swim and never did scuba dive before to professional divers, journalism teams and technical visitation.

The admiration and to the unknown depth of its waters – the maximum reached was 220 meters by Brazilian diver Gilberto Menezes – are some of the characteristics that make the tour an unique experience.

Exactly a year ago, Carolina Schrappe, professional Brazilian diver and South American record-winner, visited Lagoa Misteriosa in order to conduct an apnea training.

About the place, Carol reports that “scuba dive in Lagoa Misteriosa is like submerge into another world. The local is fantastic for all diving practices, from snorkel to technical. Water is transparent and the feeling is that you are flying. As an athlete, I can dive almost at all levels in the lagoon. An unique place in the world, and I can speak with pride that we have a place like this here in Brazil. I have met many places in the world and nothing compares to Lagoa Misteriosa“, she concludes.

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Relaxing moments and fun cited above in Lagoa Misteriosa can be seen in this video.

With information from Grupo Rio da Prata

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