Lagoa Misteriosa is the setting for a engagement; know the story

Within this concept, Logoa Misteriosa, a tourist attraction located in Jardim, in Mato Grosso do Sul, was the setting for the rings exchange on 6th August.

The couple Zampier Dalla Corte and Vanessa Dumerques, both Technical Computer Advisors workers, residents in Santa Maria (RS), chose the lagoon for their engagement.

Viviane told to the press how the idea arose. Check out the interview:

How the idea of travelling to the destination arrived?
Viviane: We “discover” Bonito on TV and on an internet search and thought about spending a few days the destination. We thought also to engage underwater and seek a dive local and category to perform the engagement. But it was in the travel agency that we learned of Lagoa Misteriosa and at the time we decided that the ring exchange would be carried by its beauty and grandeur.

How was the underwater surprise?
Viviane: It was too beautiful. It gave a little of afraid, but the sensation was wonderful, an unforgettable moment!

What are your plans for the future?
Viviane: We are going to think and plan how will the wedding ceremony be. Everyone is wondering if it will also be in a scuba dive experience…

Meet Lagoa Misteriosa (, a snorkeling and scuba dive attraction of Jardim (MS). Schedule you trip to there!

With informations from Grupo Rio da Prata

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