Lagoa Misteriosa – Scuba Diving Video

Lagoa Misteriosa, which translates as “Mysterious Lagoon”, is a lake at the bottom of a sinkhole, a type of geological formation common in limestone regions. It is located in Jardim, in the region of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, mid-west of Brazil.

This lake of transparent waters impresses visitors for its incredible depth, it is considered one of the deepest submgerged caves in Brazil, with more than 22 meters of water column.

The vision of the blue abyss at the bottom of the lake, the submerged tree trunks, the aquatic vegetation, the golden leafs and small fi shes shining with the sunbeams in the water, all this transforms the Lagoa Misteriosa in a unique environment.

Ecotourism Activities offered:
• Nature contemplation
• Trail and Snorkeling
• Scuba diving

For those who have never dived before, a fi rst diving experience called “baptism” is offered, reaching the maximum depth of 8 meters. For certifi cate divers, the depth to be reached depends on the level of certification.

The tour is booked through the tourism agencies of the region of Bonito and Jardim. See the list of agencies here:

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