Laje de Santos Diving Points

Located between the cities of São Sebastião and Itanhaém, the island teem with sea life. Its island neighbours are Queimada Grande Island and the Calhaus and Montão do Trigo Islands.

A vast array of dives is available: shipwrecks, cliff faces, tunnels and beautiful rock formations. There are shoal of fish of all kinds, as well as dolphins and manta rays.

The diving points of Laje de Santos are:

1. Âncoras: located at the southern end of the Laje de Santos island, the submerged rocks make pools and shelter bluetang surgeonfish, anchovies and mackerel from the open sea. Lots of anchors entagled in the rocks.

  • dive level: basic/advanced
  • maximum depth: 35 meters

2. Caixaria: the wreckage of a trawler that foundered in the Laje in the 1980s. All that remains is a part of the superstructure, half-buried in the sand, twenty meters deep.

  • dive level: advanced
  • maximum depth: 20 meters

3. Portinho: the place where most manta rays can be seen. Small rocks down to 18 meters and rough sand toward the bottom.

  • dive level: basic/advanced
  • maximum depth: 25 meters

4. Moréia Shipwreck: scuttled in 1992. The superstructure of the prow can no longer be observed but the entrance is still intact. Swimming into the boat is not recommended due to corrosion. Sea-bass and ocean-going turtles are always found at this site.

  • dive level: advanced
  • maximum depth: 22 meters

5. Rampa: At the northern end of the island, overgrown by algae and small sea organisms. The rock extends much further than the Laje de Santos and must beware of currents.

  • dive level: advanced
  • maximum depth: 40 meters

6. Paredão: A vertical wall falls sheer to 40 meters depth. A good spot for observing large pelagic fish and ocean-going fish.

  • dive level: advanced
  • maximum depth: 40 meters
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