Mysterious Lagoon remains open to certified divers

The Mysterious Lagoon remains open for basic and advanced diving, despite being closed for floating and baptism diving because of the visibility of the water.

At this time of year, with increasing solar incidence, there is a process of blurring the waters of the attractive of Jardim, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, whose waters are crystal blue turn to green due to algae blooms. “This is a natural process that occurs since mid-70s, a time also when the Lagoa Misteriosa was discovered, according to the former owners of the site”, said the Director of Sustainability of Grupo Rio da Prata, Luiza Coelho.

IMG 0755 300x225 Mysterious Lagoon remains open to certified divers
Also according to Luiza Coelho, the period of green water usually runs from late September until early April, making it impossible to carry out the activity of fluctuation and baptism. “The layer of algae concentraded on the surface, hindering visibility to the visitor, yet do not hinder a diving certificate, basic and advance diving, which go to the depths from 18 to 25 meters, respectively”, said.

The Mysterious Lagoon is open to certified divers all year, but the best time to visit it is when the waters are more crystallines, from April to September, reaching and incredible 40 meters visibility.

For more informations, visit Mysterious Lagoon Website.

Source: Mysterious Lagoon.
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