Mysterious Lagoon reopens and receive first visitors for 2012 season

“A fascinating unexplored lagoon hidden in the woods offers the visitor unique moment of wonder and relaxation”. This is the opinion of Rafael and Fabiana, visitors who have been on March 31 in Mysterious Lagoon (Lagoa Misteriosa), an attraction located in Jardim – Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

They were the first people that performed the snorkeling in the clear waters of the Mysterious Lagoons after its reopening on March 29. The tour was with the activities suspended (snorkeling and baptism diving and basic diving) due to alga blooms.


lagoakrause13 300x199 Mysterious Lagoon reopens and receive first visitors for 2012 season

Mysterious Lagoon. Photo: Marcelo Krause.

The couple from Sao Paulo, Ralph Leite and Rafaela Mengui, had the opportunity to match the trip to Bonito and region with the reopening of the attraction and took the opportunity to do the scuba diving. “When I had the opportunity to meet the Lagoon was undoubtedly on of the most amazing experiences I have ever experienced. The peace that nature offers and the beauty of the crystal clear water, is an indescribable feeling, only those who have had this experience can understand the feeling I had at the fime of the dive”, says Rafaela.

Ralph said that he had no idea what was coming when he closed the package to know the ecotourism destination. “I never thought it would give it all… an elusive peace of mind”, he says.

The snorkeling and scuba diving can be performed on the same day.

Ralph and Rafaela ventured through the waters of the Mysterious Lagoon and unveiled a new world underwater. “We have no words to descrive what we spent in this place… we will take with us more than photographs”, concludes Rafaela.

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