Mysterious Lagoon returns with snorkeling and diving activities

Divers and interested in snorkeling in the clear waters of Mysterious Lagoon, located in Jardim – Mato Grosso do Sul,  in Brazil, can celebrate. The activities came back yesterday after a suspesion due to algae growth that occurs at the lagoon.

This process prevents the visibility of the crystalline waters of Mysterious Lagoon, one of the reasons of its charm. It is also a natural process that occurs annually between the months October to April.

Flutuação na Lagoa Misteriosa   Marcelo Krause 300x200 Mysterious Lagoon returns with snorkeling and diving activities
Snorkeling at Mysterious Lagoon. Photo: Marcelo Krause.

The tour arouses the curiosity of fans of the activity by its uknown depth. The maximum recorded was 220 meters, an act performed by the diver Gilberto Menezes.

The water tours can be done in two ways: snorkeling and scuba diving (baptism or technical).

Snorkeling at Mysterious Lagoon – The snorkeling is indescribable: contemplate the vastness of the Mysterious Lagoon, the vision of the two blue abyss on the bottom, the fallen tree trunks, the deposits of white sand, the small fish that glow with the light beams.

This time of year, the highlights are the Dive Baptism – for visitors who do not have diving course and want to make the experience of scuba diving in a safe and comfortable, and the maximum depth of 8 meters, and the Basic Diver , where the diver certification Open Water Scuba diver dives to a depth of 18 meters.

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