New wetsuits protect surfers from sharks

Australian Researchers from the University of Western Australias Ocean Institute and Mitigation Systems for Sharks Attack (SAMS) designed two new wetsuits to protect surfers from shark attacks, which took two years to produce.

One of the suits, called “Elude”, uses technology to protect divers. Considering the relatively recent discovery that sharks are color blind, the suit comes with pattern in shades of blue curves, designed to mimic the water around – what leaves the shark effectively blind during the attack.

On its website, the SAMS says that while the shark can still feel that you are close by it is less likely to attack if the target can not be seen.

The other suit, called “Diverter” employs another technology, whereas Elude allows mixing with the aquatic environment, the Diverter stands to protect surfers. If you watch the video by SAMS, you will see sharks coming near the equipment, preparing to attack, but then fall away abruptly.

This other suit features a pattern of dark blue, black and white stripes, and serves as a warning for sharks – fish with patterns similar to those often are poisonous, so sharks instinctively avoid these patterns in normal circumstances.

Currently, shark attacks are extremely rare: only 100 cases per year. But you never know, it’s always better safe than sorry.

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