Options of diving in Noronha

With a visibility of up to 50 meters, the seabed de Noronha allows dives are conducted throughout the year. On the island are 22 dive sites to see schools of ornamental fish species of stingrays, turtles, sharks peaceful, moray eels and, with luck, even dolphins!
For those who have no credentials of diving, there is baptism, which is accompanied by instructors throughout the route. It always happens in shallow water, with up to 12 meters deep.
For those who have the credential can venture in many dive sites of varying depths, even where there are underwater rock formations. For those with advanced diving course, you can visit the wreck of the Corvette Ipiranga V-17, a Brazilian Navy ship that collided in the shoe Cabeço at 83.
This wreck is considered by many one of the best divers in the world, because the position of about 60 meters deep, staying in perfect balance. Still untouched the internal dependencies of the ship.
Who is interested in doing diving courses, Noronha is a good choice! Three operators perform: Aguas Claras, Atlantis Divers and Noronha Divers.
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