Dive Points in Queimada Grande – São Paulo

Saco da Bananeira Between 8 and 18 meters the rocks form fissures sheltering a host of fish and invertebrates. Below this depth, the stones give away to sand. Sole and… Read more »

Islands of the São Paulo Coastline

Queimada Grande Island, the Calhaus and Montão do Trigo Islands, the Laje de Santos State Park provide a vast array of dives: cliff faces, tunnels, shipwrecks and beautiful rocks formations…. Read more »

Shipwrecks in Salvador – Brazil

The city of Salvador, Brazil, is a paradise for divers. Its clear waters and warm, with average annual temperature of 26 º C and visibility reaches 20 meters, attract fans… Read more »

Cave Diving Brazil

Cave Diving Brazil

Cave diving is a type of technical diving in which specialized SCUBA equipment is used to enable the exploration of natural or artificial caves which are at least partially filled… Read more »

Diving in Espirito Santo – Guarapari

Diving in the state of Espirito Santo (Brazil) is marked by incredible biodiversity. The area is a transition zone between the northeast and southeast regions. Currents from the North meet… Read more »

Snorkeling in Brazil

Snorkeling in Brazil

Snorkeling is one of Bonito/Jardim’s ( Brazil – Mato Grosso do Sul) major atracttions. Several eco-tours offer snorkeling and scuba diving in fresh waters, such as Rio da Prata, Rio… Read more »

Adventure activities in Brazil

Source: http://brazilnature.travel/ Brazil: a land of nature and adventure! Meet some of the ecotourism and adventure activities offered in Brazil: Birdwatching With almost 1800 species of catalogued birds, Brazil is… Read more »

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bonito

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bonito

Nature-lovers and adventure-seekers should definitely visit Mato Grosso do Sul. The State is part savannah (“cerrado”) and part wetland – the Pantanal. It is a paradise for eco-tourism and adventure… Read more »

Diving sites in Cabo Frio

Diving sites in Cabo Frio

Overshadowed by the glamour of Búzios and the fame of Arraial do Cabo as a diving destination, Cabo Frio, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, has gone almost… Read more »

Diving in Abrolhos with Freeway Tour Operator

Freeway Diving, diving operator, a division of the Freeway Ecotourism Operator, launched in July-2010 the  Abrolhos Live Aboard itinerary. Located in the middle of the Atlantic coast in the south… Read more »

Ilhabela – diving sites

Ilhabela is strategically located between the two largest cities in Brazil (250 km from São Paulo and 350 km from Rio de Janeiro). It is the right destination for divers… Read more »

Dive in a sensational country: Brazil!

From the Abrolhos achipelago with its wonderful reefs to the crystal-clear waters of Fernando de Noronha, passing through the shipwrecks in Recife, Brazil has diving destinations to please the most… Read more »

About Brazil

Source: Embratur – Visit Brasil Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, spreading across almost half of the continent. It is the fifth largest country in the world after… Read more »

Diving operator receives a certificate of safety management

The scuba center Atlantis Divers in Fernando de Noronha (PE) received in September-2010 the Certification of Safety Management for Adventure Tourism, thus certifying that the technical standard ABNT 15331 is… Read more »


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