Lost camera is identified by the owner; see the trajectory

A waterproof camera belonging to the North-American Lindsay Scallan was lost during a night dive in 2007 in Hawaii. Six years later, for the girl’s surprise, the device was found… Read more »

Rio Boat Show 2013

The Pier Mauá, in Rio de Janeiro, receives between April 25th to May 1st the 2013 edition of Rio Boat Show, the largest sailing event in Latin America. In 2012,… Read more »

Russians beat cold waters diving record

A group of Russian scientists beat the record for diving in cold water to make the immersion in the lake Labynkyr, extreme western Siberia, one of the coldest places in… Read more »

Padi Dive Festival 2013 – Scuba Diving Lecture C. Dimitrius

Padi Dive Festival 2013 – Scuba Diving Lecture C. Dimitrius

On March 10th, at 5 p.m., Padi Dive Festival 2013 will held the lecture “From dream to reality“, with filmmaker Cristian Dimitrius. Cristian is a member of the production team… Read more »

Padi Dive Festival 2013 – Shark is the main subject of first lecture

On March 9th, at 2 p.m., takes place the event Padi Dive Festival 2013. It will being with a lecture “Demystifying the monster – diving and shark photo identification”, and… Read more »

Seashore Project seeks to maintain sustainable in Brazil coast

Mayors and representatives of municipalities of Amapá, Ceará, Maranhão, Pará, Piauí and Rio Grande do Norte met on Monday (28th) the operation of the Project Orla – a federal government… Read more »

FAQ – Can I dive after drinking?

One of the most frequently asked questions by beginners in recreational diving is if there is any damage to health when diving after have drinking a beer or any other… Read more »

Divers use Brazilian Sign Language to communicate during diving practice

Two deaf divers from Rio de Janeiro, solved one of the biggest obstacles for activity to deaf practitioners: the underwater communication. To communicate with each other, divers usually use gestures,… Read more »

Meet the charms of diving in Salvador – Brazil

Salvador (BA) is known to be one of the most incredible destinations for Brazilian tourists. Salvador, the Bahia capital, needs no introduction in relation to tourism, however, when it comes… Read more »

Sea Turtles International Day

For those who are unaware, the day of 16th June is celebrated as the sea turtles international day, defined by the birth of Dr. Archie Carr, University of Florida professor…. Read more »

Paraty Boat Festival and the 2012 Fotosub Boat Festival Tournament

During the Paraty Boat Festival event, which will be held between 26th and 29th July, the 2012 Fotosub Boat Festival tournament will be held. The aim of the competition is… Read more »

Four divers die when submerging in the Blood Cave, southern Italy

Four divers, consisting of three men and a woman, drowned when they became trapped inside an underwater cave known as “Blood Cave” at Palinuro Coast, in the province of Salerno, southern Italy - one of the most… Read more »

First ship sinking as an underwater museum is planned for August

The first sinking of the four ships from the Portuguese Navy that will integrate the underwater park for scuba in the coast of Portimão (Portugal), will be made in August, after the decontamination site… Read more »

Exhibition of sub photography in São Paulo and Rio

Next Sunday (9) ends, in São Paulo, Veolia Water Nature Photographers Exposure, gathering more than 70 winning photographs from the competition held in 2011 by the Natural History Museum of London and the WildFile BBC Magazine. The… Read more »

Contaminated air during scuba practice

To understand the contaminated air, it should be first understood the difference between compressed air from the conventional cylinder. It’s basically the same as we breath: a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen… Read more »

New depth record is achieved by Chinese submarine

Chinese submarine set a new depth record, on Sunday (24). For the first time a submarine is over 7.000 meters below sea level, informed the Chinese media. “Jiaolong“, named after… Read more »

Karol Meyer is interviewed in a Brazilian TV show

Aired on last Wednesday (20), in a Brazilian TV program, an interview with Karol Meyer, the world record Brazilian in area. In the beginning, the presenter Danilo Gentili won a life book of… Read more »

BBC reveals photos of spectacular beauty of large marine predators

The BBC website shows photos of spectacular beauty, with marine fauna and flora, especially its major predators, taken by the U.S. professional photographer Brian Skerry. The U.S. risks his life… Read more »

About diving in the Dead Sea

At more than 1000 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is the deepest lake in the world. Located between Israel, Jordan and theWest Bank, its salty water comes from the connection to the sea. The lake… Read more »

Prince of Astúrias shipwreck, in Ilhabela Island, São Paulo – Brazil

In the state of São Paulo, São Sebastião channel separats the land from the famous Ilhabela Island. Considered the most beautiful part of northern coast of the state, the archipelago hides mysterious shipwrecks in its… Read more »


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