Mysterious Lagoon return soon for snorkeling and diving baptism

Mysterious Lagoon return soon for snorkeling and diving baptism

There is less time for the Mysterious Lagoon reopen for snorkeling and diving baptism. The attraction of Jardim – Mato Grosso do Sul, in Brazil, is closed to these activities,… Read more »

Snorkeling in the Rio da Prata is featured in magazine

The 2th edition of the magazine Divemag, specializing in diving, brings it its pages a special report about the cities of Mato Grosso do Sul – Bonito and Jardim. The… Read more »

Project Navi – Fernando de Noronha

In Fernando de Noronha, the Project Navi – Natureza Viva, a Brazilian company specialized in nautical tourism created a tourism scientific expedition, which the participant experiences a trial oceanographic expedition…. Read more »

Sportsman Comment About Diving In Tunnels Of Lava

The parachutist Formiga published today on his blog on ESPN a text about diving in lava tunnels. The athlete said in the text that  cave diving is a diving challenge…. Read more »

Diving accidents can leave victims paraplegic or quadriplegic

Care must be taken when diving, specially in places unknown. The Diario Comercio Industria e Serviços published today a report about the risks of diving in shallow water. According to… Read more »

Diving School in Porto de Galinhas

Diving School in Porto de Galinhas

Located in the village of Porto de Galinhas, in Brazil, the Diving School and Operator Ganesh performs dives all year round. Dives can be done by people who do not… Read more »

TV program about diving in Bonito is available on the Internet

TV program about diving in Bonito is available on the Internet

The program Zona de Impacto, of the channel SporTV, already released the video on the internet of the day the reporter Gabriel Moojen visited Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul and… Read more »

Photographer launches book today with images of the archipelago of Tinharé

It happens today in the Nautical Museum of Bahia, in Farol da Bahia, on the coast of Bahia, the launch of the book Encantos de Tinharé, of the photographer Rui… Read more »

Takes place in Buzios (RJ) interactive exhibition of marine life

With the purpose of information to combine leisure, the visitor center of Parque dos Corais de Buzios, in the city of Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, newly opened takes the visitor… Read more »

Mysterious Lagoon remains open to certified divers

Mysterious Lagoon remains open to certified divers

The Mysterious Lagoon remains open for basic and advanced diving, despite being closed for floating and baptism diving because of the visibility of the water. At this time of year,… Read more »

Russia will have unprecedented exhibition about marine life and preservation of marine resources

Russia will have an exhibition about marine life and the importance of preservation of marine resources. First exhibition of its kind, the World Ocean 2011 is being assembled by the… Read more »

Scuba Centers – Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is one of the most sought scuba diving destinations in Brazil. We selected some Scuba Centers in Fernando de Noronha associated to ABETA – Brazilian Association of Ecotourism… Read more »

Scuba Centers – Rio de Janeiro

Are you looking for Scuba Centers in Rio de Janeiro? Check it out below some scuba centers in the brazilian cities of the state of Rio de Janeiro to practice… Read more »

Ilha dos Papagaios – Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro

For those looking for a diving place among rare species of marine life, a good option is the Ilha dos Papagaios, in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, in the region… Read more »

Italian diver does sharks sleep

According to informations of Portal Terra, the Italian diver Cristina Zanato develops a little-known technique for ‘sleeping’ sharks called tonic restraint. The technique is to rub a hand gently on… Read more »

Official biography of brazilian freediver Karol Meyer will be launched in Florianopolis

Next Sunday, November 27, 2011, is held in Florianopolis (SC), the national launch of the book “Karol Meyer – The sea woman“. The book is an official biography of the… Read more »

Diving in a Mysterious Lagoon

Diving in a Mysterious Lagoon

Imagine yourself diving in a Mysterious Lagoon in Brazil. Lagoa Misteriosa is a tourist attraction of the city Jardim (MS), near of Bonito (MS), located in the rural area in… Read more »

Seabirds are recorded during diving

The portal of Tamar Project published a report informing the striking of a group of seabirds – shearwaters during dive to catch food. Some winter special, this type of bird… Read more »

Effects of Narcosis and diving risks

Do you know what nitrogen narcosis is? The medical hyperbaric Eduardo Vinhaes explains about the effects of narcosis and its diving risks on the Brazilian Magazine Mergulho. According to the… Read more »

Application identifies more than 200 species of marine fish

Application identifies more than 200 species of marine fish

The App launched for iPad, iPhone and iPod helps identify more than 200 species of marine fish. The application “Marine fish – Identification Guide” was developed by the marine biologist… Read more »


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