Ponta de Serrambi: Where are the shipwrecks

In May, the magazine Mergulho, about scuba diving in Brazil, features a story about diving destination in Pernambuco, close to Porto de Galinhas and Maracaípe. The beach of Ponta Serrambi guard under the warm waves and transparent water, three shipwrecks off the Brazilian coast, including stunning visuals. An excerpt from the field.
With visibility around 30 meters, the dhipwrecks were populated by many shoalsand submerged have a rich fauna, the landscape is lush. It is a place to relax, enjoy nature and relax.
The magazine indicates Serrambi Resort hotel, which has a distinctive and welcoming hospitality chalets overlooking the sea.
The 35 meters deep and 18 miles offshore, is since the year 1700 the ship Galleon dos 35 used in the slave trade. They are 80 feet long of pure marine life around the wreck.
But the Rebocador Marte, 32 feet long, was sunk in 98 to 12 miles offshore, with the goal of becoming the first artificial reef wreck. Position in the navigation, you can visit inside the vessel, through the access openings that lead into the cellar of the bow and the engine room.
Also part of the design of artificial wrecks, Gonçalo Coelho is 8 miles from the coast, between 16 and 34 feet deep. The use nitrox d is recommended to prolong the fund is vital to know much of the craft 63 meters.
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