Scuba Diving is one of the reasons to visit Bonito

Are you looking for a reason to visit Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil? The Portal IG Turismo published a special report about Bonito and according to the author snorkeling and scuba diving are one of the reasons.

Evelyn Araripe wrote a list justifying why the destination attracts tourists worldwide. Beyond a diving point, between the reasons are: best ecotourism destination in Brazil, the waterfalls, Lago Azul cave, option to rest close to the nature.

abismo anhumas8 274x300 Scuba Diving is one of the reasons to visit Bonito

Abismo Anhumas. Credit: Ivan Cavas Filho

The crystal clear waters of the region made it special to diving among the flora and fauna underwater.

Check it out the special report on the link below. (in portuguese)

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