SeaWorld make snow in new area dedicated to penguins

Makes a heat of more than 30º C in Florida, but there is a corner where Orlando’s snowing and you need to wear a jacket to endure low temperatures. This place is “Antarctica”, the new SeaWorld attraction that is entirely dedicated to the Penguins.

It is the largest expansion in the history of the park, which turns 50 in 2014 and is famous among Brazilians: Brazil is the second country that sends more foreign tourists to the site, just behind the United Kingdom.

“Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin” attempts to reproduce the environment of the icy continent, with walls shaped glacier, paw prints penguin in some places the ground and a restaurant shaped scientific basis.

In the main attraction, the visitor climbs on a cart that simulates the motion of sliding on ice with a trackless technology, based magnets. The speed and movement of the tour are decided by the tourist, who can choose between “mild” and “wild” (the latter not so wild as well).

Along the way, the story is told of a character, the penguin Puck, since its birth.

In the end, one comes to a colony of about 250 penguins four different species which can be seen on the ground and also swimming through clear glass.

Without glass

According to Brian Morrow, creative director of the park, the big difference of this new area for park space where the penguins were previously is that this time there is no division between the tourists and the animals.

The former could only be seen behind the glass, and it was harder to connect with the animals“, he says.

Without the protection barrier, you can see the animals up close, walking clumsily, swimming with dexterity or tearing laughter of the audience when jump suddenly from water to ice – and also feel the impact of temperature from 0°C environment and a gentle scent fish that persists despite the equipment used to purify the air.

Beyond the control of temperature and snow falling on the animals, the lighting plays light typical of each season in the Southern Hemisphere, with summer and winter cycle simulating the Antarctic continent.

This is important for animals to continue its natural cycle, which includes reproduction and moult.

According to the creative director of the park, the idea was to create a hyper-realistic version of Antarctica, and were therefore used special materials to simulate the brightness of the ice, for example.

From project conception through to completion, it took three years. The park says it is the largest investment ever made, but does not disclose the numbers.

Source: Mergulho Scuba

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