Snorkeling in Mysterious Lagoon offers an unique experience

The feeling of flying under crystal clear waters and see different species of fish enchant tourists first trip as well as who has dive several times.

Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lagoon), located in the city of Jardim (MS), neighboring municipality of Bonito (MS), offers activities of snorkeling and and scuba diving. And to understand the feeling that the tour provides, Grupo Rio da Prata questioned people on a Facebook Fanpage about this experience. After time, some answers where published:

“I only know that when I put my head in the water to train with the snorkeling mask and saw that image, I will never forget, it choked me. And nature is beautiful …”, says Lu Ssi.

Simply amazing!“, for Joana Lara and “Mysteriously amazing!” to Morgana Zhen.

Thyago Sabino, Biologist and Environmental Monitor that accompanying groups of visitors during snorkeling tour, highlights people’s reaction after the first eye contact.

Usually when I follow a group on Mysterious Lagoon people’s reactions are similar. First, they are impressed by still intact beauty and water transparency. Upon entering the water the amazement and sense of freedom are unspeakable. Many have told me they have the feeling of flying even being in an aquatic environment“, he tells.

An unique activity in Mysterious Lagoon is the visibility and also the two blue depths that form the bottom of the lagoon.

A Dolina who managed to reach the water ground , whose waters in the region are extremely crystal clear with visibility up to 30 meters, already puts the lagoon in the script of people seeking places where nature is lush and unique. Not mentioning “none”, but a few places in the world can see what we see in Lagoa Misteriosa“, concludes Sabino.

Snorkeling tour in Mysterious Lagoon begins with a short trail, an opportunity to observe the rich diversity of fauna and flora of the region and leads to the lookout. There, it is possible to admire beauty of vegetation covering the sinkhole 75 meters depth, and see Mysterious Lagoon.

Below, check out a YouTube video of scuba diving in Lagoa Misteriosa:

Source: Grupo Rio da Prata

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