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Divers use Brazilian Sign Language to communicate during diving practice

Two deaf divers from Rio de Janeiro, solved one of the biggest obstacles for activity to deaf practitioners: the underwater communication. To communicate with each other, divers usually use gestures,… Read more »

Lagoa misteriosa is the new scuba point in Brazil

Lagoa misteriosa is the new scuba point in Brazil

The Mysterious Lagoon in Jardim, a small city in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, is the latest tourist attraction reopened in the country.

How to choose the diving mask

Make sure the mask is the proper size of your face. People with higher than average nose should feel comfortable and people with small nostrils should be able to pinch the nose with ease.


Check out the applications on the tablet of a diver tuned technology.

Arrangements for snorkeling

It is the purest form of apnea and the practice is to descend into the sea as much distance vertically as possible.

Brazilian diver wins two international championships

The brazilian dive magazine Mergulho brings the story of Carolina Schrappe, a brazilian diver who broke his own South American record reaching 74 meters deep in the discipline constant ballast with fins at the International Championship STILL Deja Blue in 2011, the month of May in Grand Cayman.

Test Fun Dive: F5 fin and boot Term Pro

The Mergulho magazine has tested and approved by the entire cast Fun Dive integrating comfort and efficiency.

Sea-snakes are dangerous to the diver?

There are approximately 55 species of marine snakes known, all restricted to the Pacific Ocean.

How to choose equipment videosub

In the latest issue of the Brazilian magazine Mergulho (diver) the cameraman Cristian Dimitrius gives some helpful tips from compact cameras, and cheaper, and for professionals who want to shoot underwater.

Options of diving in Noronha

With a visibility of up to 50 meters, the seabed de Noronha allows dives are conducted throughout the year.

Atlantis Divers: best option for baptism diving and technical diving

The largest dive shop in the country has first and last name, operates in four major and three oceanic islands where it offers various options for road and infrastructure for both professional and amateur divers.

Shipwrecks in Salvador – Brazil

The city of Salvador, Brazil, is a paradise for divers. Its clear waters and warm, with average annual temperature of 26 º C and visibility reaches 20 meters, attract fans… Read more »

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bonito

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bonito

Nature-lovers and adventure-seekers should definitely visit Mato Grosso do Sul. The State is part savannah (“cerrado”) and part wetland – the Pantanal. It is a paradise for eco-tourism and adventure… Read more »


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