Test Fun Dive: F5 fin and boot Term Pro

The Mergulho magazine has tested and approved by the entire cast Fun Dive integrating comfort and efficiency. A few excerpts of the matter:

“The F5 fin design and manufacturing is Italian. Made with a blend of polypropylene and rubber, the fin is really light, weighing less than 0.9 kilograms each foot (M) .”

“The design of your visor is rated Powerflow technology, which consists of five channels that promise to improve the performance hydrodynamic, and the broader central. Flexible, easy to hit the legs, making it lighter. ”

“The kind without a heel, the foot pocket is wide, rubber and plastic base members who help keep the boot tighter fin. The foot is attached by strips of rubber cleats really tough and fixed fin avoiding the usual loss of the part. ”

“The good thick neoprene (5mm) with non-slip vulcanized outsole and extra reinforcement on the instep and heel. Well sealed his pipe band has built a rubber seal two inches, as the wrists and legs clothes. The water circulation in the feet is also significantly reduced by the use of YKK zipper. ”

“Using the boot Fun Dive is evidence that water really did not circulate so easily by my feet, especially in the dry clothing  dives, which also has rubber seals at the ankles, making a double seal, rubber on rubber.”

“With the F5 Fun Dive helicopters could run faster or slower without difficulty. Its structure facilitates these movements. (…) It can be a good option against the cost benefit, given the attractive price. (…) The boot ThermPro is a great option for any type of diving. ”

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