The beauty of coral reefs

Recently the website MSN Viagens highlighted the biological richness of coral reefs. As reefs are considered na ecosystem itself due to the great interaction between organisms, scuba diving next to it is a fabulous experience.

Due to physical, chemical and biological factors, regions of the Pacific, Indian and Caribbean oceans tend to have these ecosystems, traveling to places where you can see them is possible and pays off because of their rare beauty.

The australian Reef Barrier is the most famous and extense formation of coral reefs in the world and has many species living there. It is worth visiting there and it should take place at your things to do before you die list.

At Central America it’s possible to find the Mesoamericano reef that has the widest range of species from the ocident. Even though it’s smaller then the australian one, the mesoamericano reefs also fascinate the tourists with it’s colours and it’s beauty.

At the Red Sea region the reefs are not as sensitive because of the high temperature and the saltiness in the region. Because it is near the Saara Desert, where it is really dry and hot, the richness of the marine life enchants the divers.

The Maldivas Islands have unusual species and a wide diversity of marine organisms, but the region might disappear if the sea levels rise a few meters, since the country is only a few meters above the sea.

At Brazil it is also possible to find reefs by the coast and one of the most famous one is the Atol das Rocas, the marine protected area near Natal, but since it is a protected area you will need the authorization from the Instituto Brasileiro de Meio Ambiente e Recursos Naturais Renovaveis (IBAMA) to dive at the region.

The coral reefs are beautiful and watching them is a wonderful experience, you can’t miss the opportunity to admire the colours and the shapes of the reefs.

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