The use of TRIMIX in Scuba Diving

TRIMIX is a gas mixture used in the cylinders for scuba diving. It consists of three gases: oxygen, nitrogen and helium. Its use is more common for deep diving because it reduces the narcosis, through the exchange of nitrogen by helium gas, which allows deeper dives but totally safe.

The name of TRIMIX is given by the symbol Tx a/b, where the variables a and b represent, respectively, the percentage of oxygen and helium contained in the mixture. The nitrogen percent is implicit but it is represented by the remainder up to 100% of the mixture. For example, the mixture Tx 20/40 is composed by 20% oxygen, 40% helium and 40% nitrogen (that remains to complete it).

The pre-requisites for a course initiation of TRIMIX vary between certifiers, but in most of the cases the student must have certifications for deep diving and diving with Advanced Enriched Air Nitrox and a minimal amount of dives in these specialties.

With proper training, and considering only Brazil, we can cite some examples of well-known practitioners places:

  • Corvette Camaquã – 55 meters – Recife – PE
  • Corvette Ipiranga V17 – 63 meters – Fernando de Noronha – EP
  • Elihu Washburne – 65 meters – Santos – SP
  • CT Paraíba – 53 meters – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

How about meeting them at your next submersion?

Check out the full article in Mergulho Magazine No. 189 in which Wagner “Joe” Botero, technical and recreational diving instructor, besides being the owner of the Dive Centre Amigos do Joe (, participates in the monthly column entitled “Technical Diving”

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