Titanic: Company makes tourism expeditions to the shipwreck for US$ 60.000

Since James Cameron Blockbuster in 1997, Titanic regained its worldwide fame. Currently only one company makes tourism expeditions to its wreck. Its start point is at Canada and it lasts 12 days.

103 years ago, on the early hours of April’s 15th, the Titanic clashed to an iceberg in the North Atlantic. Between the crash and the end of the sinking, it was 2:40 hours and 1500 deaths. For many decades, the moving story of the Titanic has been forgotten and treated as passed until 1985, when the wreck was found. Submerged 3800 meters deep, the ship was located in and expedition led by Robert Ballard. Since then, several expeditions set off towards the Atlantic Darkness.

The Titanic took with itself what there was more modern and luxurious for vessels in that fateful year of 1912. However, after a century it crashed, tourists go to watch closely its history. Since its discovery, there is only one company working in the area for tourism purposes.

An English company keeps constant wreck visitations trips. Headquartered in England, but operating at St. John’s Newfoundland (Canada), it offers packages for “only” US$ 60.000 for those interested in diving in a mini-submarine to the wreck. It is included meals and lodging, but the transfer is not included. However, who wants to go, but prefers not to dive in the submarine, the price drops to US$ 10.000.

The submarine can submerge up to 6000 meters and can carry up to 20 tourists per trip. The expedition to the Wreck of the Titanic begins at St. John’s and lasts about 12 days, depending  on weather conditions. Visitors stay at a research ship in double rooms. Besides from seeing the wreck of the ship, the lucky guests will also have lectures and a chat with explorers and scientists that study the ship. Visitors also win a tableware replica set that was used in the 1st class of the Titanic.


For those who can’t spend US$ 60.000 in a 12 day trip, but wants to get to know Titanic’s history should visit Halifax (Canada). Located in Nova Escotia, the city was the base of the departure of rescue ships that went to help the victims from the shipwreck.

For that reason, there, at the Fairview cemetery there are more than 100 passengers of the Titanic buried and possibly the victim in which Leonardo di Caprio’s character was based, J.Dawson. The city has one of the best museums when it comes to the Titanic.

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